money matters for NRIs

Remittance of sale proceeds of an Indian Security held by a resident outside India is permissible, subject to conditions stipulated in relevant schedules of the FEMA. An authorized dealer can allow the remittance of sale proceeds of a security (net of applicable taxes) to the seller of shares, a resident outside India, provided the security has been held on repatriation basis the sale of security has been made in accordance with the prescribed guidelines and NOC/tax clearance certificate has been produced.

Investments Facilities in Brief

Avenues of Investment

Nature of Instruments

Category of Investors

Public / Private Limited Companies

Shares/Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares

Non-Resident Indians/ Non-residents/ Non-Residents Incorporated Entities/ Foreign Institutional Investors

Public Limited Companies



Trading companies

Shares/ Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares


SSI Units

Shares/ Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares


EOU or Unit in Free Trade Zone or in Export Processing Zone

Shares/ Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares


Public / Private Limited Companies

Right share

Existing Shareholders/ Renounces

Under Scheme of amalgamation/ merger

Shares/ Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares

Existing Shareholders

Employees Stock Option

Shares/ Convertible Debentures/ Preference Shares

Employees resident outside India




Portfolio Investment Scheme

Shares/ Convertible Debentures


Investment in Derivatives

Exchange Traded Derivatives

FIIs(on repatriation basis) & NRIs (on non-repatriation basis)

Govt. Securities

Government dated securities/ treasury bills, units of domestic mutual funds, Bonds  issued by PSUs  and shares of Public Sector Enterprises being divested.


Indian VCU or VCF or in a Scheme floated by VCF

SEBI registered VCF/VC units

SEBI Registered Foreign Venture Capital Investor

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